Healing and change takes place from within through love

For the highest demands

As a physiotherapist with many years of professional experience and a deep love for people, I have specialized in two treatments in recent years.

The Medical Wellness Massage:

One hour according to your wishes and my intuition, what your body needs in this moment. It combines all my medical knowledge and the different Asian massage methods and healing rituals to guarantee healing and pain relief.

The Lomi-Lomi – Nui Massage:

The aim of this beneficial massage is to regenerate the person and to bring him into harmony with himself and his surroundings.

The powerful, wave-like dance of the sea and has a balm effect on body, mind and soul.

Feel my and the Hawaiian energy. Experience physical well-being in this unique way. The Lomi Lomi reminds us again of our true nature, it is a loving gift of the South Sea Islands to us people of the western world to find more ease and harmony in ourselves again and dissolves mental and physical blockades.

Aloha – the Hawaiian word stands for all-encompassing love and says everything the Lomi-Lomi can give to you.


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