It was my first experience with having a professional tantric massage; you made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked into your studio. You’re a glowing person with inner beauty, with intimate contact with your hands, body-to-body massage, it felt blissful and at times, I drifted away.

The massage was unhurried, relaxing yet I felt a strong sensual bond at certain points when your soft oily hands touched my body. I also felt a sense of overwhelming sensual freedom when our hands touched and when your oily breasts massaged my naked body.

An amazing tantric technique full of energy at the same time a feeling of relaxing.

Cannot wait to come back to you, I felt like a new person for days after, a lot more confident and all round happy person. Thank you very much Cristina, you made a difference in my life, you are a great person and beautiful women outside and inside. You had all my trust and I would highly recommend your services to anyone.

M. from Javea (November 2015)

Dear Cristina, after I already received a massage from you in August (at 35 degrees outside temperature) I now enjoyed another one from you in November 16th (it was much cooler outside, autumn). It was already so wonderful and pleasent the first time! You have touched me again for two and a half hours and I have plunged into the depths of my innermost senses. You accompanied me to myself and I was able to open up and indulge in it completely. Although I have noticed you very intensively during the massage as the Cristina, who had touched me so much already three months before,  there was already a certain familiarity for me. I have been able to experience it a lot differently again, completely new, very strong.

You are so diverse and creative in your touch. You have touched me with clear grips and moved me physically, you have recognized my physical weaknesses and payed attention to them. Then you moved me again emotionally and deep inside, touching me very tenderly and with barely perceptible fingertips on my skin. You have touched me right into my heart.

“A great gift – to be seen, heard, understood and touched.”

These are your words introducing yourself on the “Dakini”Website. I have been able to enjoy this gift for the second time now and I am very, very grateful for it!

 Cristina, you are a really beautiful woman and … a strong woman!

 I am normally someone who always wants to see a lot, all the beauty around me. But now, this time throughout your entire massage, I’ve had eyes closed for at least 135 minutes of the total of 150 minutes. I have disappeared, was gone, plunged into myself, and there I am immersed in the feeling of comforting warmth and true self-being. There was no feeling of time anymore. At the end I did not get the impression “Oh, it’s over!” No, there was no time during this time. With everything you touched and moved on and in my body, with the wind of your fan, the cloth, the feathers and of course your skin, with all that and more, you have touched me deeply. Your words also touch me a lot internally. I like talking to you.

Thank you for all that, dear Cristina!

I wish you the very best!

Josh, Cologne (November 2018)

First a few relevant bits of my story. 68 years old, healthy and fit, I’ve always been very active sexually but as my wife and I have gotten older she has lost interest in all sensual things and this has left an unexpected and unwanted void in my life. Because of this I was becoming increasingly frustrated, lonely, sad and just a little angry. I was losing my ‘self’, a bit lost and unsure how to move forward in my life without denying my core driving forces. I had read a little about Tantric massage and the concept really appealed to me so I started looking on the internet for practitioners in my area. That’s how I discovered Cristina.

From my very first meeting with Cristina I felt comfortable, safe and totally at ease. Each session is approximately 3 hours long in total and starts and ends with a ‘getting to know each other’ chat. At the first session Cristina also explains the purpose and procedures involved in her style of Tantric Massage which for me was very helpful as I had no experience and didn’t really know what to expect. After a shower Cristina invites you to join her in her warm and peaceful treatment room. With some pretty cool music playing gently in the the room you stand face to face, eyes closed holding hands for a few minutes of relaxing synchronized breathing before she removes your wrap and invites you to lie down so that she can begin her magic.

The massage itself is wonderful, alternating firm with soft but always caring, intuitive movements, skin on skin, deeply powerful and sensual, safe, beautiful, exciting and freeing. An emotional detox containing so many energetically intoxicating experiences that from my first visit my senses were re-awakened.
I am now a much happier and contented person with a revived zest for life and I feel that Cristina has, without doubt contributed in this re-kindling and what I now
feel is a lasting change in my attitude to life.

To sum up I would say that a Tantra Massage is not a sexual experience, more a deeply moving, sensual and spiritual one. I have had several appointments with
Cristina now and although I get something different out of every session every session helps me further in my acceptance of my lack of physical interaction with my wife. I cannot recommend Cristina enough, I trust her completely, she is a kind, caring and thoughtful human being and I am truly grateful for her help in my journey to bring me back to ‘self’.
G., Valencia (December 2018)

The Song of Songs to the body, the abode of the soul. The initial ceremony. The loving, devoted touch, the wonderful closeness, the feeling of being alone in that moment, all the attention with me, the light touches, Cristina’s body on mine, the scents, the warm oil…
I was very curious how a tantric massage would be compared to a normal massage. An extensive informative talk in advance, in which Cristina described the process of the massage and also explained to me what may be happening energetically, has intensified my anticipation.
The atmospheric room, the quiet, inspiring music and the pleasant, stimulating scents were so inviting that I could hardly wait. But instead of putting me directly on the mat, Cristina stood in front of me, took my hands, looked me deeply in the eyes for a long time, thanked me for the trust and began with the worshipping ritual … in this moment the magic of tantric massage began. All attention was directed to me, every single movement was only to give me pleasure. What an experience!

I especially liked the light touches with cloth, feathers or hair when the body is already so disposed and sensitive through the previous massage, that every touch gets a lot more intense than usual. I was very touched by the moments in which Cristina lay completely on top of me and cuddled me gently and with dedication.
Feeling the body of a woman has been wonderful and a new for me, a very erotic and touching experience. Again and again the warm oil on the body was wonderfully relaxing. The fact that every part of the body is massaged ensures a holistic body consciousness that has never been perceived by me before. It felt incredibly intense… as if I would expend beyond my own physical limits.
Unfortunately, I did not succeed in letting myself go completely, because I was (still) very much in the mind knowing that the Yoni massage would come up at the end. ☺
I did not have any uncertainty or concerns about being touched by Cristina. But I was inhibited to let myself go properly. So the massage was very exciting, but it did not come to an orgasm; which is not a stated goal of the massage. As Cristina put it so aptly: “Nothing has to happen, everything is welcome to happen”.

I really enjoyed the Yoni massage. What a wonderful feeling to be touched so softly letting the attention go completely there. To put all the attention on my yoni has a very different quality than I have previously experienced… by having sex with a man or myself. Not necessarily to be focused on an orgasm and being so skilfully touched at ALL important points is an experience that I can only recommend to any woman who wants a more immersive experience than the short hunt for an orgasm. This massage has awakened in me the desire to experience more than I have done so far. I want to experience sex with all my body and soul. We probably never get closer to the divine in us than in these moments. ☺
The structure and process of the massage, which causes the energy to be distributed in the entire body, helps to release blockages, so that the energy can flow freely again.
The union of all parts of the body to an impressive holistic experience makes us realize how wonderful the us given body is and how much joy it can bring us when we make it sound. And that delivers tantra for me. I love it.

Thank you Cristina for giving me this experience.
Thanks Ananda-Wave, for the good and professional formation that gave me this experience.
Thank you Universe for these us given wonderful bodies and the finding that it may give us pleasure. I look forward to the next time!
Ch., Cologne (September 2014)